From the moment of it’s inception in Mountain View California, Twain Doll Research had garnered the interest of the Japanese robotics industry. Under the visionary guidance of John Twain, his daughter Rebecca and new son-in-law Mark Lawrence, they have pushed programming and technology of artificial life to the forefront of technology. While able to converse and provide answers and solutions to many household questions like their counterparts Siri and Alexa, the AmbularĀ® series of robots are also able to help with cooking, cleaning and laundry along with other services they can be programmed to perform. Before you seek to buy one of these, please note that the units are still in the research and development phase and the price tag is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. At the time of this writing Twain Doll Research was in a reverse merger negotiation with one of Japan’s largest companies to combine their expertise. More about the algorithms by which these and other robots operate is available at http://www.cs.rpi.edu/foswiki/bin/view/RoboticsWeb and for more about booking a great Colorado ranch wedding be sure to visit: www.lowerlakeranch.com